Saturday, November 16, 2002

More Proof That Most Baby Boomers are Shitty Parents

Apparently, some parents actually encouraged their children to skip school to see the new Harry Potter movie!
What's wrong?
Is the movie closing on the same day?
Your kid can't wait until the weekend?

Great values you're teaching your kid, Boomer.
Your child's entertainment is more important than their schooling.

That's the problem with what I've started calling "New Age Parenting".
Don't let your children experience any failures.
Fix everything for them.
If they do something terrible at school, run down there and yell your head off at his/her teachers and blame them or some other child in your child's class.
Make sure you do it in front of your child so that your child also feels that he/she doesn't need to take responsibility for his/her own actions, or listen to his teachers, or treat others with respect.

If they want to stay up until midnight, let them.
If they want to be on the Internet until all hours, let them and don't bother checking to see what they're up to (it's an invasion of their personal privacy).
Let them visit chat rooms with no monitoring by you and then blame the Internet Provider for not having better ways of "protecting" children.

Don't require them to earn anything.
Buy them every thing they want.
If they hurt themselves in a public place because you're not monitoring them, sue the venue.

Let them speak to people rudely and don't reprimand them for anything.
Let them do what ever they want in public and at others homes and never say anything to them that might affect their fragile self-esteem.

In my opinion, this all boils down to bad parenting

If you ask me, I think that the rise in childhood depression and the medicating of our children comes down to permissive parenting.
Children function better with stable and consistent limits.
Parents are allowing children to make too many adult decisions.
One of the things I remember about my childhood was that I didn't have to make day to day grownup decisions.
This was my mother's job to do.
She didn't ask my opinion on anything and I trusted her to make the right decision for me.
Ok, she didn't always make the right one but I was relieved of the burden of having to worry about adult problems before I was mature enough to understand the situation.
Boomers are confusing their children by allowing them to make adult decisions before they are developmentally able to understand what they are deciding.

That's part of the beauty of being a kid.
You can just live for a while without worrying about being an can actually look forward to it, instead of being one before you're ready.

Way to go, Boomers....