Monday, January 12, 2004

You're a Rich Girl....

I was reading a post at Shasta McNasty's about a dream she had that featured the blued eyed soul stars Hall and Oates.

You know:
"You're a rich girl and it's gone too far, but you know it doesn't matter anyway...."
"If you feel like leavin', you know you can go...but why don't you stay until too-morr-ow...."
"You know your kiss is on my..." oh well, you get my drift...

When I was a teenager, I was totally in love with John Oates.
She wouldn't allow me to stick posters up on the wall because it would ruin the paint, but if I were allowed to...I would have...

Let me get to the point,
Shasta reminded me of a memory.

My friend Sonja who visits this site, and really should have a blog, but doesn't...might remember this as my witness.

Many years ago, Sonja and I were at the now defunkt

Bamboo Club.
We were living it up watching a reggae band that my friend Roscoe was playing in, I think it might have been The Bonconganistas or The 20th Century Rebels...Roscoe played trombone in so many bands, who could keep track?

We were both quite drunk, when I looked over by the stage and said:

"Hey! That looks like John Oates!"

and Sonja said,
"Hey! You should go over there and talk to him!"

Which is a suggestion that makes a lot of sense when you're I went over.

Did I think about what I would say?

Did I consider that I was drunk and whatever I said to John Oates would sound like I was drunk?

So I swagger up to him with my fifth(or whatever) glass of wine in my hand, and say:

"Are you John Oates?"

and he goes,


and I go,

"Oh my God, when I was sixteen I would have died for you!"

and he goes,

"So what are you now? Semi paralyzed?"

So, anyway...we didn't get married.