Sunday, March 07, 2004

Friday 8:30pm

The phone rings:

Mom: "Hi haney...vat yu doink?"

Me: "I'm cooking, ma"

Mom: "Heeeeh, SO LATE?"

Me: "I just got home an hour ago...and the maid has the day off"

Mom: "Ya, yu mekka jokes. Vai da Meesta neva Kook?"

Me: "He does sometimes, but he gets home later than me..."

Mom: "I kaal, an yu alveys da van to be kookink....yu shood kam hom late too, an
don hev to kook, jas like heem..."

Me: "Why would I do that, ma?".

Mom: "Eh, tis is vai I neve vant to be marry again...iss too mach no's yu car? An da Meesta's car? ok?"

Is it normal to ask after the health of vehicles?