Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I illegally parked my car in front of a coffee shop to run in and get a coffee.
There is never any parking at this coffee shop because the ONE parking spot is generally taken by the person I assume to be the owner.

While in line, I noticed a police cruiser pull up behind my car and park.
In my head I thought, "shit".
Well, it's too late now.

The cop came in and stood behind me in line.
He said:
"Is that your silver Saturn over there?"
"Yes" says I.
"You know you're parked illegally, right?" says he.
"Yes, but I'm parked in front of you", says I.

He smiles and says:

That's a good start to a day.

Addendum: Bad End to the Day
$110.00 ticket and 2 demerit points on the way home.