Monday, November 16, 2009

What I have learned watching Nigerian movies:

-The scripts have to be written by men.
-Never cross a Nigerian woman.
-You can never have enough hardware or fringes on your clothing.
-Shiny pants? Da bomb.
-You can get anywhere within 10 seconds if someone calls you and tells you to come immediately.
-If you're being thrown out of the house, your bags will already be packed and thrown after you out the door by the time your argument is over.
-It's normal to decide to marry someone after only knowing them for 30 seconds.
-Don't ever call the police to deal with things...get your brothers to handle it.
-If you are arguing with someone, you will eventually have to drop to your knees and beg them.
-Jewish and Slav mothers have nothing on Nigerian mothers when it comes to guilt.
-There is no problem that cannot be solved by having a family meeting.
-If you don't have a leather couch, you're 'old fashioned'.
-If you're anyone at MUST go to England to finish your schooling.
-Always carry your cellphone in your hand.
-Always yell to make a point.

I'm hooked on my friend Vicki says:

"The cinematograhy, unparalleled! And the sets!! wonderful. Costuming! Genius. But the best is the plot line and character development."

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