Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Cry Baby, Cry

J-Walk Blog led me to Metafilter's post on Tear Jerker Movies...which led me to a list of my own.

To Sir With Love
The scene at the end when Sydney Portiers students present him with a gift and he fights back emotion.

Joy Luck Club (2 scenes..the whole movie actually)
One of the mothers talks to her daughter about accepting that her marriage might be over, and how she had fought all her life to be strong, but having a "weak spirit" had passed this on to her child...well, you get the picture.

One of the other mothers explaining to her angry daughter that she chose the "worst quality crab leg" because she had "the best quality heart"...(you have to see it)

Love Actually
When the wife realizes that her husband might be having an affair, and she excuses herself and paces her bedroom while listening to Joni Mitchell and hysterically crying...then pulls herself together....smooths the marital bed, and collects herself to put her face on for her family at Christmas...

Imitation of Life
When the daughter comes back to her mothers deathbed, and her mother forgives her.

Shindlers List (but practically the whole movie...this is the only movie that The Mister openly shed tears at...)
When Shindler realizes that he could have saved more people.

Mrs. Doubtfire
At the end when Robin Williams gives that little speech on all the different kinds of families.

Good Will Hunting
When Matt Damon breaks down when Robin Williams tells him "Son, it isn't your fault".

Antwone Fisher (The whole freaking movie actually)
When he meets his long lost family is a non stopper.

Hokey...but I bawled almost all the way through, and was absolutely torture teased by The Mister through the whole movie.

Sam I am
The whole movie

Admittedly, I am a big crybaby, blubbering, kleenex grabbing, sucky lover of tearjerkers.
This is a neverending source of teasing pleasure for The Mister, which is why he usually gets to choose movies when we go choosing, and I watch these movies alone.

What are your tearjerker favourites?
I'm dying to know...especially from the men who visit.