Thursday, November 25, 2004

There are some people who age like fine wine.
People who may have been relatively attractive when they were younger, but who really came into their "prime", (as Miss Jean Brody once said) as they got older.

Two people who come to mind immediately are Tina Turner:


Pam Grier

I know that they are celebrities, and that they have plastic surgery at their disposal, but I have met people in my day to day life who are more attractive now than they were when they were younger.

Maybe my taste is changing.
Maybe I've learned to appreciate the experience that shines though as a person gets older.
The laugh lines that I see and find charming, and the lines I once found just plain old, to represent the soul of the person I'm talking to.

My mother used to say that the face you have at 40 is the face that you've earned.

God knows that I've earned every grey hair that I skillfully hide, with regular visits to my hairdresser.
The lines I'm forming on my forhead and around my mouth are representative of my sense of humour and bittersweet experiences.

Faces that I once saw as just plain "old" are now faces that I look at with a different view.
There are sweet faces, and bitter faces, and kind faces.
Faces with crags and cracks that represent a personal journey.

I can only hope that I'm aging gracefully, and not tragically.