Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Roadside Memorial

I kind of like roadside memorials.

I remember as a child driving by them in the former YU, and thinking and wondering about the person who died at that spot.

But then, I'm someone who also reads the obits in the weekend paper and reads about the love and pain expressed by family members, as well as a synopsis of the persons life.

Is that morbid?

To be a stranger who will read about your death, and for a moment think about you, and your life, and the people who loved you, and hope that you're in peace.

I kind of like roadside memorials.

There seems to be some discussion around a plaque in the memory of Tahir Khan the cab driver who was tragically killed last week.
Some poll was taken asking residents if they would mind a plaque put up in prestigious Rosedale, on the corner of Whitehall Road and Mt. Pleasant, where Mr. Khan died.

For some people, Mr. Khans death was symbolic of the typical Canadian immigrant.
Someone who works hard, and sacrifices in order to achieve the Canadian dream, and become a citizen of Canada.

76% of residents polled apparently want no part of the plaque.

I'm not surprised.
Who wants a plaque commemorating the death of a Pakistani immigrant cab driver in Rosedale?
Especially when he was accidentally killed by boarding school brats.

Certainly not the snotty residents.