Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teens from former Yugoslavia face rape charges

"Whenever they say in the media "from the former Yugoslavia," they're not talking about Serbs.
If it's to do with Serbs, they say "Serbs," but in order to avoid "sullying" the Albanians, Bosnians, or whoever, they say "former Yugoslavia," thereby gaining two things -- they avoid identifying the true nationality of the culprits, saving face again, and they IMPLY that it was Serbs, without actually saying so, when it wasn't.
Note that no Serbs have to date been accused of any criminal acts in the U.S., but quite a few Bosnians and Albanians have -- not that you'd know that from the reports, but anyone from the Balkans can tell by the names.
And then to top it all, they put the perpetrators in the most sympathetic light possible, just like they did with the Bosnian boy who mowed down people in the shopping mall in Salt Lake City on Valentine's Day last year. You're supposed to feel sorry for the criminals, not the victims..."

(Thanks Anna)