Friday, July 25, 2008

Bloor & Lansdowne
is my Favourite Block.

So sue me.

So, tonight I went to the Portuguese Butcher (you know, the guy who just won the lottery) to pick up some cows blood (gross) for my mother in law, and then pick up my sister in law to drive her home.

I love the block between St Clarens and Lansdowne on Bloor Street.

It's the little strip of land that gentrification hasn't touched yet.

SIL was talking to me...and here's how it went.

Me: "Shhhh, shhhhhhh....this is my favourite block"

SIL: "What?"

Me: "I LOVE this block"

SIL: "What?"

Me: "Where else can you see a police take down, crackheads, and a 200lb woman fanning her naked pussy all within 300 yards?"

SIL: "True dat"