Friday, July 04, 2008

This is a job for Miz Pee!

The battle of who can use a store bathroom is coming to a head.

All stores from the smallest shoe boutique to giant big box outlets are required under the provincial building code to provide washroom access to customers, but many merchants routinely turn away people who ask to use the facilities, Toronto city staff says.

But the province, which writes the building code, says it's up to store owners to decide who can use the bathroom.

Toronto Councillor Howard Moscoe tackled the sticky issue after a constituent complained about a large retail store that cut off access to its public washrooms when it closed its lunch counter.

This is an interesting discussion.
The City of Toronto, piggy backing on small business on the public washroom issue.
The fact of the matter is that there should be public washrooms, period.

I don't blame a small business allowing only customers to use their washrooms.
Have you seen the state of some washrooms?
People are pigs.
Why should some poor small business person have to clean up after people who aren't even buying anything from him/her?

If Howard Moscoe thinks that every store should allow everyone to use their bathrooms, then the city should subsidize them by cutting some of their taxes to help toward paying for manpower and cleaning supplies...if the city doesn't want to do that...then build and maintain public washrooms instead of unloading that responsibility onto small business.

Mind you, I've never had a problem using a Timmy's, McDonald's or whatever without buying anything...and no one has ever given me any trouble.

But then, I'm not rollin' with a shopping cart full of cardboard and dirty bags with a years worth of dirt caked on me get my meaning...