Thursday, July 02, 2009

So, I caught the episode below of Hitched or Ditched, and I was torn.

While Torrino's mother is totally a racist, I kinda see some of mom's points.
Ok...not the white devil one...that was stupid...but, when she pointed out to his girlfriend El Lana that she never cooked, or helped out around the house when she was living with Torrino at their home, I was feelin' mom.

I dunno, this whole "I don't cook and clean" badge of honour many 20something women are wearing is really baffling to me.

El Lana, states rather firmly to Torrino's mother that she "doesn't do/enjoy that"...and then starts crying and playing the victim card when his mother states her concerns about the kind of wife she thinks El Lana will be to her son.

Torrino's mother calls her manipulative, and I can see what she's talking about.
Anyone who stands up for herself and states pretty firmly all the things that she will and won't do, generally isn't the kind of person who dissolves into a puddle of tears because someone tells her a few things.

Unless she's manipulative.

Listen, if you love the person you claim to love, you at least make an effort to not put them in a position of hurt, and difficulty when it comes to the people they love other than

Would it kill her to take a cooking lesson or two from his mother?
Perhaps bond a bit with her?
Help tidy up after dinner?

Jesus Christ...I just don't get it.

If I got started on all the things my West Indian Mother in Law taught me, there wouldn't be enough room on this blog...and while I was learning all those things we became family.