Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Alice Munro, withdrew her latest collection, Too Much Happiness (out this week), from consideration for the 2009 [Giller]award.

The 78-year-old writer's decision has disappointed literary punters hoping for a close contest for this year's prize between Munro and veteran novelist Margaret Atwood, author of The Year of the Flood (out in September), which is sure to be nominated.

“Her reason is that she has won twice and would like to leave the field to younger writers,” Munro's publisher, Douglas Gibson, confirmed this week. “In my role as greedy publisher I pointed out that the Giller Prize produces so much publicity, that even to be nominated for it is tremendous publicity,” he said. “But her mind is made up on this. Alice preferred to withdraw from the competition.”

Another reason to love Munro.

I don't even care who's nominated anymore because it's always the same old names up there at the top.

Someone else should consider withdrawing too...I won't name any pretentious names, but, let's just say that she doesn't need another one either.