Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The last of these features is important with respect to unconditional parenting itself. Most of us would protest that of course we love our children without any strings attached. But what counts is how things look from the perspective of the children — whether they feel just as loved when they mess up or fall short.

I don't believe in unconditional love.
It's a crock. I've said before...but, people still want to believe in it, and often fling the term around rather cavalierly.

...and as for "the perspective of children", that's a hit and miss prospect.
Some personalities are bottomless pits of need, and some are independent souls who need little "boosting". People are complex, and what you say and do as a parent is only part of it.

I love these articles that sound like; "all you need is love" to make a decent person.
I've seen some over-loved little miscreants in my time.
You need more than love, according to my observations.