Friday, January 14, 2005

(Part Two) My Favourite Serbian Phrases

“Kad mi pukne film”
Literal translation: When my film breaks
Meaning: When I lose my temper

“Nas je, makar i usran”
Literal translation: He’s ours, even if he’s covered in shit
Meaning: regardless of what, you love your family

“Njena kosa izgleda kao da su macke sisale”
Literal translation: Her hair looks like cats have been sucking on it
Meaning: She needs to do something about her appearance

“Ubio bi te za zuto dugme”
Literal translation: They’d kill you for a yellow button
Meaning: They’d rob you for anything that even looks like it might be worth something (yellow button representing gold)

“Skoce onda kazi ‘hop’”
Literal translation: Jump and then yell “hop”
Meaning: Doing something and then thinking about it afterwards/acting in haste

“Ko kopa za drugi, sam sebi kopa”
Literal translation: Who digs a grave for someone, falls in themselves
Meaning: Those who plot against others, will reap what they plan for others.

“Kad Mama nije besna, kuca nije tesna”

Literal translation: When Mama isn’t mad, the house isn’t tense
Meaning: Keep Mama happy.

And last but not least: When my Mama was in an argument with my father, and he was shouting about something, she would always calmly say:
“Jaaaaooooo, Kao u bioskop”
Meaning: WOW, just like in the movies.

Language is a beautiful thing.
Share yours with me.