Friday, September 12, 2008

Actors and Politics

"...In the film, McGowan plays a key IRA operative, and McGowan's own father was Irish. Driving from Dublin to Belfast, she remembers finding the sight of Union Jacks, "so deeply offensive."

She added, "And it was interesting, I had a British makeup artist [on set], and she had red hair and pale skin. I said, 'Oh, are you Irish,' and she said, 'Oh God, no.'" That shocked McGowan, she said. And while arguing that violence doesn't solve anything, McGowan said she understands the reasons behind it."

You know, I always find it funny when an actor does a movie and then thinks they totally understand a political situation and speaks out, with some inane, superficial "insights".

That last paragraph is particularly funny to me.
Since Rose can talk smack, but when her make up artist takes offense at being mistaken for something she's not...Rose is offended.

Everyone wants to be a freedom fighter...whatever that is.