Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've met a lot of women recently who seem really proud of the fact that they don't know how to cook.

I find this interesting since there's never been as many cooking shows available to watch...I mean, there's a whole channel dedicated to it.
Cooking really only requires the ability to read and comprehend what you've read, and then follow the directions.

It's not rocket science.

Maybe it's because so many women don't want to be perceived as "house-wifey", or they want to appear too career oriented for that sort of thing.

When I was single...I rarely ever cooked, but I never saw it as something that I couldn't do.
I just didn't do it because it seemed a waste of time to do it for one person...especially a person who was perfectly happy with a sandwich.

Most of the women I've run across recently who proudly state that they can't cook are married, and some with children.
Now, perhaps their husbands do most of the cooking...or most of the food their families consume is processed, or frozen and shoved in a microwave or oven.

It would certainly explain why so many children can't recognize fresh vegetables.

It's always been puzzling to me why someone wouldn't cook fresh food, since it's pretty quick and easy...as you can see on The Food Network.

It's just something that I've noticed recently, and I find it ironic...what with all the programs on TV, and all the talk about organic food and the like.

...as a side note, The Mister and me know a West Indian family in which, miraculously, astoundingly, astonishingly...not one woman in that family can cook.

We always cringe when we're invited over for dinner, and I always marvel at the amount of inedible food that is served. Dishwater Callaloo, dry macaroni pie, little sandwiches with unidentifiable pink and green goo...really...I also sigh, because I look forward to dinner at someone else's house because that means I catch a break. Not so when we go there.
We're always starving when we leave....

It's just wrong...