Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forget the Hatfields and the McCoys
...Check out the Melvins and the Marriotts.

After two years behind bars awaiting trial, Jimmy Melvin Jr. shouted "hallelujah" Friday and said he's looking forward to a cold beer as a free man.
Melvin, 26, was released in Halifax after the Crown withdrew 15 charges against him because two witnesses recanted their stories.

I heard Melvin's press conference on The Current this morning (I think you can hear it here), and between the shout outs, and the "You're looking lovely today..." flirting with one of the reporters..this guy is too much.

He's like one of the trailer park boys, except really, really dangerous.

Apparently, he ran a crack house with one of the Marriotts (Wayne Marriott) a few years ago, and after the police take down, they fell out...I mean really fell out, and not in the "I'm not your friend anymore" kinda way.

Jimmy allegedly was behind the fatal shooting of Wayne, and was in prison for two years. Then, two witnesses recanted, and he was freed a couple of weeks ago...two days later, more violence between the families.

Honestly...and people talk about Toronto