Monday, December 29, 2008

Way it goes...

Last night, my brother in law and I were talking about dealing with people...I've worked for some really difficult people.

Shitty people.

I told him that for years, I really thought that I was a "people person", and it took a job in management for me to realize that; really, I'm not.
When I'm dealing with a difficult person, I try to remind myself that difficult people are made that way by how they've internalized their experiences.

That said, I know that I've been shitty to some people, and that those people would perceive me to be a difficult person.

On occasion, I've caught a glimpse of how someone sees me in a negative way, and it's jarring...but, then...usually... it doesn't matter to me.
Because, unless I respect them...what they think of me, matters not.

One of the best scenes I've ever seen in a movie bringing part of this into light is the "Way it goes..." monologue Kevin Spacey gives in the film Swimming with Sharks.

It's awesome, and you can watch it here