Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hipster Grifter
"Within the space of a half-hour, Ms. Ferrell was peppering him with questions about his sexual history—how many women he’d slept with and so on. “She was coming on to me, and I was super into it for the first part of it,” he said. “I realized I could have fun after work—but then I was like, ‘Let me check this girl out.’” He Googled her. Up popped a photo of his flirtatious new co-worker on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Most Wanted list, wanted on five different warrants, including passing $60,000 in bad checks, forgery and retail theft".

I dunno.

I read the article, and I think that the Grifter thing is just a bi-product of her full time job of being a sociopathic mental case.

Ram also added this blog entry by someone who knew her to the mix.

(article found at Funkaoshi)