Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm not sure what Robert Deluce did to Mayor Miller (except make him look like the jackass that he is..) but, a lot of people have a real hate on for him, and Porter Airlines.

All this crying about Toronto not being a "world class" city, and then all these Councillors bitching about what a bad idea it is to make it easier to get in and out of Toronto for business with a downtown airport...ok, they're not bitching about that, they're bitching about government money helping Porter out.

Yeah, well...I'd have to say that Mayor Miller was the one who really helped Porter out by backpedaling on a deal, and costing us taxpayers an "unspecified amount" to settle the lawsuit Deluce brought against the City.

He asked $505,000,000...let's all do the math on that, since Deluce did settle..it couldn't have been that much less than what he asked. Especially since it's "unspecified" to the public.

Imagine a new terminal where business people don't have to travel 35km by cab to Malton to take a flight in or out of Toronto...and then perhaps travel back over that turf by plane to get to New York or any other city on the Eastern seaboard...oh, and those 400 new jobs that the new terminal might bring.

OMG...somebody stop this horrible man from making it easier to do business in Toronto!