Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curbside garbage collection, city run daycares, community centres and much of city hall will be shut down as early as next week if Toronto's indoor and outdoor workers walk off the job, city officials confirmed Wednesday.

You know, in this economic climate...this is really nauseating.
With all the lay offs and loss of jobs that I've been watching happen with our clients over the past six just shows how out of touch locals 416 and 79 are with the real world.

The domino effect of the municipal workers striking will affect my workplace because we get paid through them...lucky thing we're prepared.

Speaking of prepared...I suggest that you take a walk down your street and organize waste pick up with your neighbours by sharing the cost for the duration of the strike.

Vermin and bacteria are big problems without garbage pick up....and they never strike in the winter (duh).

I'll help you get started.
Click here for a list of private waste removal companies in the GTA.

It's time to go the distance as taxpayers.