Friday, June 19, 2009

"On May 9, 2009 a few groups of photographers were allowed into The Don Jail. Oddly, I was one of the few people who brought a video camera that day. This video is an exploration of all the floors of the jail including the single/family cells. I hope I have captured the essence of this creepy location."

From Ian Morris' YouTube page.'s my train of thought:
This morning I had a short correspondence with someone who disagreed with my take on the impending Municipal Workers Strike, and emailed me to tell me so.

Turns out that he works with Corrections Canada, which is a field that is fascinating to me. I also have a lot of respect for people who go to work every day and face danger.

I went on a little OCD search...and found the "fallen" section of Canadian Corrections Ontario. You can search by province on the main page.

Each photo has the story attached.

Very interesting.