Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Toronto NDP MP Olivia Chow and Brian Iler, a representative from a citizen's group, publicly asked Auditor General Sheila Fraser to investigate the federal agency, which owns and operates the island airport and regulates air and marine traffic in Toronto harbours.

Not my favourite couple of politicians for various reasons, but Chow's hate on for the Port Authority and Porter Airlines is kind of humourous to me.

All this finger wagging about misuse of money...I couldn't help but take a walk down Toronto's memory lane...

Layton and Chow were also the subject of some dispute when a June 14, 1990 article by Tom Kerr accused them of unfairly living in a housing co-operative subsidized by the Government of Canada, despite their high income. Layton and Chow had both lived in the Hazelburn Co-op since 1985, and lived together in an $800 per month three-bedroom apartment after their marriage in 1988. By 1990, their combined annual income was $120,000, and in March of that year they began voluntarily paying an additional $325 per month to offset their share of the co-op's Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation subsidy, the only members of the co-op to do so.

Just to put that in perspective for you:
I'd like to point out that in 1990, we (the mister and me) were making approximately $65,000 a year combined income, and paying $975 a month for a one bedroom apartment at Balliol and Mt Pleasant.
So, if the wiki article is true, and we look and compare...they only "voluntarily" started paying "market value" after they were caught, and called on.