Sunday, August 09, 2009

My mother has been in and out of hospital over the years, and the care that she's received has been exemplary.

Hospital staff, EMS workers, Doctors...all of them.

My own care when I was sick years ago was very good. I can't complain about it. I didn't like my first Specialist, I was given the option of others.
The second Specialist was wonderful.

Kind and compassionate.

No matter how many Canadians complain about our healthcare isn't this.

So, while there is two tiered healthcare in this country for those who can afford speedier tests, and more comfortable hospital stays...for the rest of us, our healthcare system is good.

Not perfect.
But, at least existent for everyone.

While American zealots can predict euthanasia, and sinister government conspiracies, my own experience in this country has been Doctors who have chosen their profession for the right reason.

My own Doctor whom I've been with since I was 18 years old...and about whom I complain on occasion because sometimes I wait over an hour to see her....when she sits with me, and examines me...spends sometimes 40 minutes to an hour talking about my life situation, my health, and reminding me that she has known me, and taken care of me, and watched my health since I was 18.

It's comforting.

I know that not everyone has been as fortunate as I have been with healthcare providers, but...I have nothing to complain about.

It's not this.

My healthcare has been free.

How anyone can be against US healthcare reform is baffling to me.

Thanks SinPantalones for the link.

I love NPR.