Friday, August 14, 2009

"Type "labiaplasty," "vaginoplasty" or any of nearly a dozen female genital cosmetic surgeries into any search engine, and a flurry of doctors' Web sites will pop up touting the self-esteem, sexual enhancement, comfort and fashion benefits of female genital cosmetic surgery."

Well, of course once I read the article, I absolutely had to google labiaplasty(NSFW!! NSFW!!)...(my experience with noting differences in labias is severely limited).

I assumed that the women who were having this procedure done had grotesquely deformed or misshapen labias, labias that are mini penises in size. I pictured embarrassing bulges that had to be rolled up and uncomfortably tucked...I mean, how often are you showing your labia that you would have go under the knife to "make it pretty"?

What is "pretty" in terms of labian anyway?

Didn't many an painter pay homage to the labia? Hiding it's image in flowers and leaves, linens and backgrounds?

Well, from the pictures I saw...let's just say that the "after" photos are nothing like Georgia O'Keefe paintings.

Am I missing something?

Is this something that is worth going under the knife for if you're not a porn star or stripper?
...or even if you are.

...Wow, how much are women learning to hate every natural thing about themselves?

Enlighten me.