Monday, June 06, 2005

Mama Answers Your Questions:

Mama, should I go home to Ottawa to visit the family I can't stand because I haven't been home in 1.5 years even though I don't feel guilty about that I never call home anymore?

Gravatar I like that quote. Your Mama and I are in complete agreement. :D

love the accent. your mama is groovy! love it!

Gravatar your mama clearly knows what she is talking're lucky to have her around to set you straight....

Gravatar Mama, cats or dogs?

I totaly agree with mama. You wanna by a gift-- buy flowers or if you have flower garden, better yet. It also depends what the occasion is and who is it for.
The best gift one can give is the kind words and ISKRENO prijateljstvo.

i love your mama

Please advise me on how to cope with ungrateful yutzes who are ´´apparent´´ friends .....

Should I take the job I'm not sure I'll like but has a great salary or should I take the job I think I'll love with the not-so-hot salary (I still have student loans to pay off)?

Gravatar Mama,
My sister moved in with me. I don't want her to feel unloved or unwelcomed - but I'm getting more and more depressed. She keeps changing everthing in my house.

How do I not kill her?

Gravatar Mama,
If you were in the Mos Eisly Cantina, on Tatooine, instead of Ben Kenobi, how would you have handled the argument between Luke and the poorly dubed dude with the death sentance on 12 systems?