Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The Nazarenes intrigue me.
My mother told me that my grandmother was a Nazarene. I didn't really understand what that meant, since my Grandmother didn't talk about it, and the rest of us were Orthodox.
I'm not sure what Nazarene means in Eastern Europe. But, Majka was Nazarene and went to Church on Saturday...and Deda (my Grandfather) was an agnostic, so it wasn't discussed, except to joke on occasion that she was Jewish...
While in Spain, I was interested in the Ku Klux Klan garbed sect. Figurines were sold here and there, and I really was tempted to buy one...if for nothing else (as my friend suggested) than to open discussion with friends who visit about how the Klan stole the garb from this sect and made it into something using God to make it hateful and ugly. 
"The Nazarenes (Hebrew: Netzarim, נצרים) were a group of early followers of Jesus of Nazareth who, like the Ebionites, were noteworthy for refusing to follow Christianity in its complete break withJudaism". 
Which explains a lot to me. 
Not that it interests you....but, just so you know that this is where those costumes came from.
There's no way that this should be connected to that.

I loved this little girl who is bold and refusing to wear the Hajib.

This Al Gore Live Earth crap is sick making
Do you even realize how much damage they've done to the atmosphere just holding this pompous,
 hypocritical event?
Yes, flying in a whole bunch of bloated celebrity
Gore-ites who use more energy in a week with their planes, SUV's, entourages, and limos than the average person does in a year.... to tell us all about how we're fucking up the environment is really rich. 
And I thought Geldof and Bono were full of shit.
Oh wait...I can't imagine that Geldof and Bono missed this opportunity to blow more verbal methane into the atmosphere.

While we're on energy saving, here's a brilliant commercial for Wind Generated Power from Epuron.

Don't Worry, Be Happy...or your ass is fired.
I watched the video and laughed at some of the reluctant participants, and still think that corporate "team building" initiatives suck.

Speaking of facial expressions, here is a Breakdancing facial expressions tutorial.

Morning, noon and night it's drink and dancing, some quick romancing....and then a shower.

"Jennifer Aniston, Kansas City accountant and mother of two."

I got a kick out of Ordinary Stars. takes photoshoped pictures of stars and makes them average people.

Do something...dammit!

There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.
Now, every Canadian who watched it will have it stuck in their heads....but this one is a little different.

I cannot be convinced that there's not something very wrong with this.
Can you say extreme compulsive?

A Remark You Made is my absolute favourite Weather Report piece.
For me, the conversation between instruments is sad.
One side trying to convince the other. The other resigned. Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to my first monumentally failed relationship.

This afternoon I was driving in my car and heard Weather Report's version of Birdland...I had to stay in the car until it was done.
Man, I loved Jaco Pastorius.

It put me in a Jazz frame of mind. Here's Miles Davis and John Coltrane with "So What". Coltrane with "My Favourite Things" and "Alabama".

One of my other favourites: Jimmy Cliff and "Many Rivers to Cross".

Groovy Girl is pretty fly for a white guy...Erm..I mean...chick.

An ad...or something for The Real Doll.

While we're on the whole fantasy female...check out Extreme Photoshop. What you see is not what you get, my peoples.

Here's an e-mail joke realized in video.

Check out Tiger Woods as a toddler on The Mike Douglas Show.

I'm done.
Thanks for bothering.