Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Click Around

You can caption your own picture here. I did mine in mind of their whole racist T-Shirts controversy.

There may be public outcry for you if you're a visible minority...but they can make all the fun they want if you're Russian.

Sometimes, I can't tell if someone has had plastic surgery, or if they have just aged a bit and matured in looks...other times it's ridiculously obvious. In this little video photos are shown side by side...and I must admit that with some, I couldn't tell if it was "work" or make up and not being a teenager anymore.

Asperger's Syndrome. Part of Autistic Spectrum Disorders just shows us how very complicated our brains are, and that the fact that so many people are born "normal" is a miracle... when it really should be the other way around...wait...maybe it is.

Divorce is ugly business. When games around custody, support, visitation, and parental alienation are concerned, sometimes people go over the edge. Violence of this kind isn't all that much of a problem here in Canada yet...but, don't worry, the Family Responsibility Office is working on it, there should be shootings at Old City Hall in no time.

Remember Donny & Marie?
Here's an interview with both of them: Part One, and Part Two.

Here's a great insight into Mehndi and Indian Weddings. The Bride is absolutely gorgeous as she discusses wedding traditions...for more on the Indian Wedding, check out this users videos.

This page is all things of tattoos, piercings, scarring, and all kinds of other things. Plenty of NSFW photos....only two observations to share about some of the photos on the site.
I spent a lot of time going through them, and it surprises me the number of women who tattoo themselves with the word "C*nt" or "slut"...and guys who pierce, or tattoo their privates...their penis's all look like they've been dragged through a bush backwards, while hitting every branch on the way through. I guess when there's nothing left to do with it, you tattoo and pierce the crap out of it.

While we're on tattoos, that site brought this story to my attention.

Photo mistakes, or opportunities?

This is for Glacia.

Ok...that's all for now.