Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meltdowns: not having enough to really worry about.

I watched Ellen DeGeneres's meltdown over a lapdog that she had to give away, and it got me thinking about how fragile people who are over pampered are.

Don't you wish that you could afford to breakdown over unimportant shit?

Here's Comedian Jim Norton on Owen Wilson's suicide attempt:

"If having a career like that and f**king the girls he f**ks, if that’s not enough to keep you alive, then none of us have a shot. If even having that you want to toss yourself in front of the train, we’re all finished."

Now, before you all go "Money isn't everything" on my ass, I'll quote my mother on the topic. "Maney dozen't mek yu heppy, bat eet mekka da mizery comfortable".