Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Click Around

I love all things retro.
So, when I found these vintage album covers I knew I'd have to link.
While we're on vintage music (kinda), here's 50 One Hit Wonders. In fairness #15 died at the height of her fame.

I find the phony photobooth videos very amusing. Here are a few of them: phony 1, phony 2, and phony 3.

Halloween is coming, and I found this costume laugh inducing.

"Craigslist Gold Digger Gets Verbally “Shot” Down" was very good.
As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to advertise for a rich man, then you should be ready for a piece of someones mind. What's wrong with people?

Miss Cellania covers the difference between Northerners and Southerners. Is there something like this for Eastern and Western Canadians? Lead me to it.

Speaking of Miss Cellania, I think I found The Foley Gallery on one of her blogs. It's pretty great.

The Art of Money is pretty clever. When I was a Bartender, I learned to fold a bill to show you the Queen's bum, and I could make the head on any bill smile or frown...

Photos of animals that give them a human sensibility always make me laugh.

Soldier photos is pretty powerful. We can wax patriotic and poetic about "going to war", but what about those who come back less than physically whole?

Virgin Mary Art is interesting.

The week in Asian babies. So very cute.

Murals in Moscow, from English Russia.

Watch a Gypsy wedding.

That's all.