Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The picture to your left is from the "Museum of Broken Relationships" exhibit from Zagreb-based artists Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic.
It's getting a lot of press, and for me is a little reminiscent of "The Saddest Thing I Own" website...only I think that the website looks better. But, hey...if any Balkan country can cash in on the fleeting interest of the West...svaka ti cast.

Beautiful kinda cute.

Katerina from Idle Thoughts had this video up of Howie Miller.
He's pretty funny....she also sent me this video of a little future metalhead. I watched the whole video...but I just couldn't do it with the sound on.

This Canadian commercial for the Nissan Bonavista made me laugh the first time around, and then I saw the THH22M spoof, and laughed again.
..and here's Eric O'Shea making fun of commercials.

Glacia posted this little morsel from the past, and I had to share it.
For anyone who grew up in Canada, The Friendly Giant was a staple.

Richard McNair, wanted fugitive was finally captured in New Brunswick this week. When I heard the story of the "Houdini Fugitive", I found it humourous.
I mean, he's escaped police a number of times...once by using lip balm to squeeze out of handcuffs...and a number of other times that sound like something out of a movie.
While listening to the whole story on CBC, the interviewer asked a North Dakota Sheriff if he had any advice for the RCMP in regards to McNair, he said: "Yeah, I'd have at least 4 Officers on him at all times".
Here's the police video of McNair talking his way out of the grasp of police.
I'd hate to be this police officer after the fact. Can you imagine the ribbing at the station?

I love The Onion.
Here are: "Newly Out Gay Man Overdoing it", and "Pregnant Woman Acting Like No One Ever Got Pregnant Before".
(Thanks Cynical-C)

I've always said that no one can cuss your ass like a Balkan can. Here is a Serbian Basketball player who does just that. You may be horrified and shocked...I found it hilarious, because I've seen more than one display similar to it.

That's all.