Friday, October 26, 2007

Tales From the Retarded

Worry over soccer violence leads to split decision:

"Two soccer games will be played in Toronto this weekend with one of the strangest rules ever devised to avoid potential problems: only fans from one team allowed on Saturday, and only fans from the other team on Sunday.

When the Serbian White Eagles and Toronto Croatia face each other in the Canadian Soccer League it can be an explosive affair.

But fans like Serbian White Eagles supporter Dragan Jankovic says that's how soccer should be enjoyed. "It's nothing major, nobody kill anybody," he said."

Ummm, so how are they going to do this?
Citizenship papers?

Gimme a fuckin' break.
Serbs and Croats can't even tell each other apart until they start talking and asking questions.

The White Eagle/Croatian games have always included slurs and nationalistic rivalry.
I've been to a few games in my time, and it's a fact.

Isn't there some sort of human rights violation here?
Maybe I want to go with my Croatian/Serbian spouse?
Maybe I want to take my half Croatian/half Serbian kids.
Maybe I want to take my Croatian Grandmother.
Get the picture?

Besides, after a few slivos...and they do bring them...a Balkan will fight their own brother.

This is stupid in the stupidest way.