Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dara Fresco - Whistle Blower or Future Corporate Pariah

CIBC teller Dara Fresco shares what it's like to take on her employer for allegedly demanding unpaid overtime, and we examine what the case could mean for your paycheque and the way you work.

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We've all done it.
Unpaid overtime...Labour law is very clear about it...it shouldn't happen.
People should be paid for time worked.

But, most of the workforce does unpaid overtime.
To finish the job. To add to your performance appraisal, to keep your job...to make sure that you keep your job from the person who was willing to "go the extra mile".

...and while there are those who do a lot of overtime, there are others who take advantage.
If I was paid back in time for all the overtime I've done in my career...I wouldn't have to go back to work until at least 2012.

So, while I admire Dara's courage in organizing this class action lawsuit against a very rich bank, I also wonder if her name will be lauded or blacklisted.