Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The massive recall of Maple Leaf products, and Some 29 cases have been conclusively linked to the outbreak of listeriosis, including the six confirmed deaths and the nine deaths under investigation. Twenty-two of the cases are in Ontario, with four in B.C., two in Quebec and one in Saskatchewan. An additional 30 cases remain under investigation - 16 in Ontario, 10 in Quebec and four in Alberta.

this doesn't bring the Health Minister Tony Clement home from the Democratic Convention.

The Sunrise propane explosion in Downsview can't tear Mayor Miller away from his daughter's birthday party...(well, c' happened north of Eglinton and west of Bathurst, ferfucksake!)

But, the possibility of an election being called brings The Governor Generals' trip to the Paralympics in China to a screeching halt.

Why is that again?

Oh...right...because if an election is called, she has to be here to ask the Queen's permission.
Yeah...that's waaaaaaaaaaay more important.