Monday, August 18, 2008

The new norm for young, privileged, growing girls. It’s not just designer clothes, luxury cars, and the best-of-the-best in schools, lessons and tutors: It’s narcissism, and it’s inherited from — no, encouraged by — Mom. Mom, who not only lifts, tans and waxes herself into oblivion, but who has now turned her attentions to her daughter, hauling her from spa to spa before the school ­pictures or big dance, or, well, just because — for facial after blowout after wax. After a handful of appointments, the transformation from little girl to prepubescent supermodel is complete, thanks to beauty ­treatments that not long ago were reserved for big girls — with little consideration that the same beauty treatments meant to fix “imperfections” will probably screw the kids up down the road. while my instincts tell me that this is fucked up in a major way, I'm still thinking that if my mother had have given me Brazilians, and waxing of my eyebrows when I was eight, I'd be saving tons of money today.

I'm really at odds...since I intellectually know how wrong this is (self-image, socio-economical unfairness, self-esteem)...part of me would appreciate having my hair growth stunted in puberty.