Friday, October 03, 2008

The Canadian Leadership Debate

I only caught the last half hour.
Jack Layton constantly speaking in the 3rd person was pretty humourous.

Jack Layton wants you to vote NDP.
Jack Layton wants you to know that he's concerned about what's happening at the "kitchen table".
Jack Layton Jack Layton Jack Layton.

Gilles Duceppe knows that he's not going to be the Prime Minister, and says so...more than the half hour that I'm watching.

Stephane Dion is desperately hanging on to Chretien's decision to stay out of Iraq...which is ironic, since we're there anyway. But, if he's elected, could further deceive Americans into thinking that most Canadians speak French.

Stephen Harper thinks that Canadians are more concerned with the stock market than they are jobs or mortgages...yeah, I'm worried about my shares...LOL

Elizabeth May makes sense but is more or less dismissed.

It's a sad state of affairs people.