Friday, August 03, 2007

Swiss Army Knife Suffers an Identity Crisis

Apparently, the tender might end up in China.

"If the Swiss army knife no longer comes from Switzerland, then we might as well stop producing it altogether," said Thomas Fuchs, MP for the far-right Swiss People's party.

It has also prompted many jokes, perceived as it is as the weapon of choice for the military of neutral Switzerland. The US comedian Robin Williams once quipped: "How can you trust an army that has a wine opener on its knife?"

Does it really make a difference?
It's still a Swiss Army Knife.
China has been pirating the knife for decades anyway. China has been pirating everything for decades, and even if China gets the tender, there'll still be pirated versions.
The Pacific Mall in Scarborough is a perfect example of the tenacity of pirating.
One day the police will swoop in and close 10 kiosks selling pirated CD's and DVD's...within a week, there are 15 more kiosks selling pirated CD's and DVD's.

If it's made cheaper, people will buy.
Not everyone can afford to be an elitist.

The Blogosphere turns 10 this year.


...and I've been blogging for 6 of them.
Seriously though, I've met some really wonderful people through this blog that I would never have 
connected with if it wasn't for "The Blogosphere".
This blog has been a great thing for me. From Boston to Mumbai, from Singapore to Serbia, from Sault Ste Marie to Scarborough, I've met some great people.
Happy Birthday "Blogosphere" (I'm not terribly fond of that word, but it's what's out there..)

All Men are Liars:
Earlier this year I visited a prostitute for one obvious, practical reason and another less so: I'm sick of lying to women. Being single and in my 30s, I find it increasingly difficult to justify the lies and manipulation involved in having a sexual relationship with women who I'm not in love with.

I guess what this is about is; women letting go of the whole "life is not complete without a man" syndrome. But, society has to let go of the notion first...and since women are the gender that bears children, there is more of a societal expectation that women should want a man in their lives...or there is something wrong with them.
However, I'm reading that as women have evolved, become more educated, better employed...more and more are choosing to not have children, or marry.
Many studies have shown that the more educated the woman, the fewer children she'll have (if any)...that explains a lot of what I see in my work to me.

I suppose that the dating game will never, ever be honest...because honest just doesn't feel that hot...for a lot of women.

Ok...I'm off like a bride's new to speak.