Monday, June 16, 2008

Happiness ain't nothin'
but a state of mind.

My friend Anna sent me an email telling me about a 60 minutes segment she saw the other night on Denmark being the "happiest" country. (Watch it here)

It appears that happiness is tied to attitude.
If you don't expect much, you're not disappointed as much, and are more likely to be happy when things turn out better than you expected.

I'm of the mind that happiness is fleeting.
I mean, I can feel contented, and appreciate that I have a good life without chasing "happiness" around.

This whole concept of perpetual happiness is really ridiculous.

But there are many people who think that happy is something you need to be all of the time.
Which is really impossible, when you think about it...but, when you're bombarded with ads and television shows and commercials telling you that there is something wrong with you if you aren't perpetually "happy" (whatever that is)...and that if you're not, you need to be medicated.

It's on this continent that we're constantly looking to "up the ante" on life....bigger, faster, stronger...never the point that we induce our own depression.

My Uncle always told me:

"Don't make yourself too complicated. Find pleasure in simple things...if you make yourself too complicated, you'll never be happy".

I think I agree.