Thursday, June 26, 2008

"TORONTO, ON- Toronto may be losing its status as Canada’s pre-eminent city and business hub and that has city residents worried, according to a new study and poll from independent research organization the Fraser Institute."

Listen, I know that we want to blame Mike Harris for everything from lack of Social Services to bunions, but there comes a time.... when we have to move on and acknowledge that we're falling behind when it comes to business because of our City leaders and their bad decisions and provincial attitudes.

The ridiculous taxes on business, and now even on home buyers has driven many into the 905.

The Island Airport debacle.
Thanks Miller, for trying your best to make it harder than it needs to be for people to get into and out of the city for business...because God forbid we piss off those 12 people over on the Island.

Public transit that practically doesn't exist.
Toronto's attack on car and driver would make sense if we actually had a proper method of travel.

Cash grab parking.
Honestly, how are tourists who drive into the city supposed to want to come in for theatre, sports and so on when it costs $30 to park your car?
Oh yeah...just park your car at Yorkdale, and travel 45 minutes on the TTC...of course.
We LOVE tourists...especially the ones from small town Ontario.

The hate on that 416 has for 905.
Seriously, how are we supposed to expand and amalgamate transit and services, and share business when we hate each others guts based on some sort of perceived "suburban" vs "hipster" thing. Let's face it...the people I've met who think they're the "hippest" come from the 'burbs or small town Ontario. Like your parents divorce...GET OVER IT!

...oh...I could go on, but my head is starting to hurt.