Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Racialicious says:

"My parents weren’t being racist (or at least not maliciously so): Their beliefs were shaped by the reality in which they were brought up, and the culture to which they’d immigrated. They’d seen the challenges faced by people in mixed relationships, and they wanted my sister and me to have an easier life. Things weren’t easy for mixed couples in the 1970s, particularly among immigrant groups, where social networks were critical yet fragile, and most community support systems were contingent on “insider” versus “outsider” status."

So...let me get this straight...MY white parents/family feeling that way (perhaps not maliciously so..) are perceived as "racist" while your parents feeling that way is perceived as concern about being labeled an "outsider".

That's fair.

In true fairness...the article has a lot of merit.

Let's face it...those were the exact concerns of my family.
However, it was certainly perceived by me and everyone else around me as being racist.

As I said before, perhaps not "maliciously so"...but, racist nonetheless.

It's that paragraph that reminds me that many justify their own feelings, while pointing out the thorny feelings of others...and the myth of justified racism based merely on the fact that you're not white.