Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Didion was at pains to say that she did not think any of this was Obama's doing, nor to his tastes. He would, she speculated "welcome healthy realism" and achievable expectations. In our frenzy, we are doing him a disservice, expecting miracles "at a time when the nation can least afford easy answers." She recalled, the day after the election, an overexcited newscaster declaring that we now possess "the congratulations of all the nations." She likened this to the naivete of thinking we'd be regarded as beloved saviors in Iraq. But, she ended, "in the irony-free zone that our country has become, this is not what people wanted to hear."

Let's get a grip, shall we?

When I look at the stuff being sent to me about Obama, it's hard not to get caught up in the romance...he's young-ish, good looking, cool...Kennedy-esque.
And we romanticize...we need to, especially now...but, he's a man.

A human, man.
Not the Messiah.

Can we prepare ourselves for less than perfection?