Sunday, November 16, 2008

This morning I was watching CBC Sunday, and the guest was Jamie Oliver.

It was a very interesting interview that got me thinking about something that is missing in schools now...something we used to have when I was in high school...but, I think is gone now.

Jamie made the co-relation of obesity and a downturn in the economy, saying that when the economy does a nosedive, obesity increases because people go more for starchy and unhealthy foods.

Talking about schools and his lunch programs in the UK, it got me thinking about Home Ec in schools.

Way back when, I took Home Ec and while I didn't realize it's value back then, I certainly see it's value now. The skills I learned in Home Ec have come in handy over the years. Budgeting, grocery shopping, the basics of cooking.

I know that we kind of looked down on it, because it was seen as continuing to marginalize women (even though boys had to take it too), I'm seeing it's value well as "Shop", which I took in middle school. Woodworking and the like.

These are all valuable skills that everyone needs in day to day life.

Just a passing thought on a Sunday.