Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michelle Obama's mother has reluctantly agreed to leave her lifelong home on Chicago's South Side and move to Washington to help smooth the transition for the grand-daughters who dote on her.

Babe, if the mister got into the white house, all of our extended family would be moving in too!

Mama would be bossing the white house staff around like crazy.

I could see it now:

"AYE!!! Ver yu tink yu goink mid dos shoes on??!!!??"
"Det no gonna be enuf food for da people...c'man...don be so cheap!"

There would be a barrel of cabbage in brine in the garage, and you'd have to double bag the sremske kobasice in the fridge to mask the blast of garlic smell when you open it.

It would be the first time they ever saw left over curry goat in the fridge and garlic pork on the sidebar for Christmas when my mother in law got there.

The toilet seat wouldn't stay up because of the fuzzy cover on the lid, and the sugar stiffed doilies would be killer in the oval office...LOL