Monday, November 24, 2008

Uncle Tim should be my nanny.

I know that there are a lot of people who just hate the fact that there are big box stores and chain coffee houses all over the place.

There's a certain kind of Torontonian that abhors anything but cute, hip little bistro type establishments with quirky and kitschy decor...and the attack on generic, uncute, and suburban Tim Hortons with their disposable coffee cup drama is amusing to me.

Why should Tim Hortons be my nanny?
I'm a citizen who knows where the nearest garbage can is.
I drive about town with empty coffee cups in my car until I get home or get to a gas station.


I know that the disposable cups create a lot of waste.
But, Tim Hortons isn't the only coffee place that uses them.
Because they're the biggest, they should pick up the tariff on all of them?

They at least do something to curb their negative impact on the environment.

If we're going to demand this, then it should be built into the cost of the cup...for everyone who sells coffee.

The cup manufacturer level.

Yeah, that includes the cutie little bistro cafe's take out cup as well.