Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ikea Housewarming Party

About 30-40 people showed up to one of the living room/kitchen sets at the Ikea in Burbank, bringing gifts (mostly things from other departments at the store). Many people brought cookies and snacks, and games like Jenga. The party was cut off after about twenty minutes by the Ikea staff, at which point Agent Tuttle, the “host” of the party, yelled out that it looks like we’re being too loud and that “the neighbors called the cops”.

I know a lot of people find this kind of thing amusing, and hilarious.

I find it kinda stupid.

It's the sort of thing we used to do in high know...go down to Union Station and follow people around with newspapers in front of us with holes cut out for eyes, or sticking people in the ass with pins on the crowded midway at the Ex (true, actually done stupidness, when we didn't know any better, and thought we were funny...and grew up right downtown with no organized sports and nothing to do).

But, these are adults.

I feel sorry for the Ikea staff who have to deal with it, and clean up after it.
As if they don't have enough shit to deal with.