Monday, February 02, 2009

Two Things:

Springfield, N.B. — A New Brunswick school has been ordered to begin playing O Canada before classes again.

Belleisle Elementary in Springfield stopped playing the anthem in September, 2007, after complaints by two families who took issue with the practice.

A superintendent for School District 6 says a flood of calls and e-mails from across the country persuaded the board to reinstate the anthem.

The Canadian Press

Kiss our collective Canadian asses Principal Millett.


TORONTO — Classes resume today for 50,000 students at York University after last week's passage of back-to-work legislation, but the fallout from the 12-week strike that crippled Canada's third-largest university will be felt for some time.

With staff chanting prior to entering classes, and no doubt there's a lot of tension there.
If I were a student who was robbed of my tuition for a semester, I'd be pissed.
Well, with enrollment down 15%, I'm sure there will be layoffs to follow.
Job security for contract workers?