Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Union Station is sufficiently important to suburban voters that it will likely receive the promised support - if not in the form the city expects or prefers. But nothing is easy - or even sensible - in a world where free parking is called public transit."

The fact of the matter is that something has to be done to relieve some of the traffic pressure...and since there isn't a feasible plan to amalgamate transit systems, and the transit plans are going to take 25 years (translation: 100 years)....

What kills me is that no tiny minded municipality wants to share transit. No one wants to work together to make transit available and affordable. Everyone only cares about their little patch of grass.
Unions wouldn't allow it to happen, Mayors of surrounding suburbs won't allow it to happen, Miller thinks that making it harder to get into and around the city is the answer.

Anyone commuting into the city in the morning can see the bumper to bumper traffic going in the other direction as well. People talk as though the only problem is drivers coming into the city. The fact of the matter is that a large number of Torontonians work out of town as well.

Let's do the tolls going into the city, and see how quickly Hazel McCallion imposes a toll to get into Mississauga, and then watch other Mayors do the same.

There should have been non-stop building of public transit. It should never have stopped from the first breaking of ground in the late 1950's.

Petty, provincial mindedness is why we aren't going to have workable public transit any time, more parking lots it is.

(Article found at Funkaoshi)