Monday, February 16, 2009

Lev Grossman gives us 10 reasons why Facebook is for old fogies.

Grossman declares that it's cooler not to be on Facebook.
I'm sure it is.

I've only got a couple of things to say about that:

1. Not being on Facebook will save you from having your prospective employer see drunken pictures of you sucking on a bong, or pictures of you reclining in cheesy lingerie in a messy bedroom.

2. Marketing companies will sorely miss the demographic that loves those stupid quizzes, but reveal valuable purchasing preferences.

I've been off Facebook for awhile now.
But, not because I care about being "cool".

I didn't like the fact that my photos could end up who knows where, in the whole six degrees of separation way of file sharing Facebook has.

I also didn't like the random friend requests from strangers who have never once commented on my blog, but assume we are "friends".

It's creepy.
Facebook is creepy, with their refusal to let you go.
You can't delete your profile, only "deactivate" it.

So, making it "uncool", those old fogies are saving people from themselves, and forcing it to maybe evolve as something altogether different.