Saturday, February 18, 2006

Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world...

I was reading this post over at Cynical-C, about Travis Frey's "Wifely Expectations" Contract.

While I was marvelling at the amount of thought Travis put into the length and amount of pubic hair his wife was allowed to have, as well as all the effort and logging that it would take to keep track of "Good Behaviour Days" and so occurred to me just how naive I am.

While I was reading Travis' four page contract, it occurred to me that this was not a marriage contract at all but a submissive and dominant play contract of some sort, because really...what average woman would want this in a relationship?


I mean, I don't even like The Mister to interfer with my grocery purchases, much less tell me what I'm allowed to, and not allowed to wear..

I went on a little search, and I'm not going to link to any of the sites I found connected to this lifestyle, because they're por.nagra.phic and I get enough hits from degenerates looking for fet.ishes I didn't even know existed.

But, with this kind of thing, I wonder what kind of abuse or frontal lobe damage has occurred to have someone aroused by degr.ada.tion and this kind of lifestyle.

I have read a couple of blogs, and there is all this talk about "loving" and "freedom" in this way of life.

Loving enough to lock you in a cage?

Beat your ass with a broomstick?

That's a different kind of love than the mainstream love that I'm familiar with.

Freedom from what?

The responsibility of having to make even the simplest decisions like what kind of underwear to wear?

I suppose you really would have to trust someone totally to allow them to rob you of your decision making capabilities, because everyone knows...if you don't use them, you lose them.

Then I got to thinking...these are people with children and jobs...I mean, really!

I know.

I know.

I kind of imagined them to be tattooed and pierced goths, beating each other in basements between sips of absinthe...but in reality they are the middle aged overweight woman in the next cubical, or your Accountant who prances around in a maid outfit with 3/4 gloves like Michael here (and really, you don't want to see what other things Michael gets up to).

Think about it...

That chick at the office who can never meet a deadline or make a decision?

eh? eh?

The arrogant bastard who has to control everything, and never lets anyone have any input on the project?

eh? eh?

I'm not sayin'...

I just sayin'...

P.S. Blogger ate my original post, AGAIN! so if this post shows up FOR THE THIRD TIME's because blogger is free and what else can I expect? I'm lucky to get something for nothing.